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What is Bl0ckDave Studio Coin?

Have you ever heard about it? No? So lets take a look, don't be shy, we won't bite you.

  • BEP-20 based token!
  • Used across Bl0ckDave Stuio products.
  • Easy to buy, sell and earn.
  • Every month after launch increasing liquidity.

About BDSC token

Bl0ckDaveStudioCoin AKA BDSC token is another product of Bl0ckDave studio (BDS). We just wished for connect crypto world to the gaming world, so we decide to create our own token and use it as payment method on our portal. But we wanted more, so we decide to reward our players with BDSC tokens. Some of our games have implemented mining games and eastern eggs where as reward player get BDSC tokens. Each month after launch will BDS pump 15% of sales into BDSC token. Token launch is planned after first game (Galaxy Guardian Royale) will be released.

This token is very young, it still writing its future.


Dex-guru stats

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BSCScan stats

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Please let us introduce you our powerful team!

David 'Bl0ckDave' Latal

Studio Founder

Hello, I'm Bl0ckDave the Studio Founder, to create own Game Studio was always my dream which becoming reality.



If you have any question or you want to create order, feel free to contact us.

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